How to convert a PDF document to an editable MS word document

We all know that pdf files are very common in our daily life as the file type .pdf is most used for documents which can be only seen. Sometimes you must have thought in your mind about editing the documents. But it is not done as the PDF file is only for viewing purpose.Now let’s […]

How to send money without internet with a Phone

Nowadays money transfers are very common and fast. people use the internet to transfer money. They use different UPI mediums to transfer money. Some popular apps in India are Paytm, phonepe, mobikwik, etc.People send money easily just by scanning the QR code and sending money to the vendors. What happens if your internet is not […]

Best way to get youtube subscribers for free.

Youtube is the undoubtedly best website for watching videos. On Alexa ranking, stands at number TWO. Also, research suggests that people consume 60% of the data in watching videos. There are many youtube channels that are on youtube. If you are viewing the post then definitely want more subscribers.we are here to help you. […]

How to upload images on Instagram using pc(2 Methods)

Sometimes you accessed Instagram on your desktop as you scroll down you will realize that there is no any plus button for uploading your post. Uploading images on Instagram through PC will never be easier. But after reading this post you will easily upload any Media such as photos and videos. Other than Instagram all […]

Top 5 Smartphones under 10000

REDMI NOTE 7 At this range, there are very few phones who match these expectations as the notch screen display is very impressive and gives us an iPhone look the rear side has a glass-like finish.there are three color variants black, blue and lunar red. The fingerprint sensor is quite fast Currently the smartphone is […]

How to Download Youtube,Instagram and Twitter videos On Android

Sometimes You Wonder how to download videos of youtube or any other social media platforms so that you can share someone on WhatsApp.Since youtube is one of the most used applications for watching videos. A simple google search for youtube downloader yields a huge number of results including apps and websites. While most of the […]

What is Dark Web and How to access the dark web?

What is Dark Web? Dark Web is a collection of websites that exists on encrypted networks and cannot be found on any search engines like google, bing yahoo, etc. It can’t be accessed by any traditional browser like chrome firefox or internet explorer. Almost all websites hide their websites with a special encryption tool known […]

Avengers:Endgame got leaked online before official release

A recent post of Russo brothers on twitter post an emotional message asking fans to not spoil the movie. The movie is a much-awaited movie of the years, that can be seen by the tickets sale in the past few days. A report says that over 10 lakh tickets were sold when the booking starts. […]

TOP 5 Free VPN for Android (100% Free) No Card Required

Virtual Private Network(VPN) service creates a private encrypted tunnel across a public network making it possible for individual internet users to circumvent geo-restrictions and enjoy much greater privacy. It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allows the user to conduct work remotely.VPN technology is widely used in Corporate environments. Here we are […]

How to Create Google alerts

Steps for creating Google alerts Go to Enter the query/term you want. Google alert will display and previews the results of your type Select show options .choose how often you’d like to receive alerts such as once a day or once a week choose the source of alerts like web, blogs, news. Not sure? […]